Injection Moulding Services
Injection moulding

​Tooling services
As our customer your plastic injection mouldings will be manufactured using the most cost effective methods.We have a range of injection moulding machines, and we are capable of handling ​any size production runs. We always meet our customers deadlines by operating flexible production. We are able to work with a wide variety of material,  prime, re-cycled, filled or containing additives. We have an in house tool room to enable us to carry out tool maintenance, alterations, and urgent repairs if needed, to keep production on schedule. Your mouldings are packaged to your specification. We can give you the service you require.
For the manufacture of your tooling, we have the choice of using one of our uk toolmaking partners. For larger tools and suits of moulds, it can be more economical to source tooling from oversea partners, both providing you with high quality mould tools at the lowest possible cost. Routine tool maintenance is carried out free of charge for the time that Ludlow Mouldings is your appointed moulder, so minimising down time and taking care of your tooling.
If you have existing tooling, and are looking for a new moulding supplier,Ludlow mouldings can adapt your tools for our moulding machine if needed, and produce sample mouldings free of charge.
if any repairs or refurbishment is required this can be done in our own tool room.
I have an existing
​mould tool
Tool transfer 
and support
Has your existing supplier ceased trading , are you receiving poor quality mouldings, unreliable service,to expensive, then Ludlow Mouldings can help you. 
Weather it is just one tool or a suit of tools, we can asses the condition and carry out any minor repairs free of charge.
If needed we can adapt your tools to fit our machines quickly in our own tool room , allowing speedy production of free samples prior to production.
Over the last couple of years more and more companies are bringing their tools back to the uk. This is a result of companies seeing the benefits reduced,longer lead times,high transport costs, poor quality and now a weaker pound.
​weather you are looking to move tools from overseas or just within the uk, Ludlow Mouldings can help you.

Tool Transfere Procedure

1) Build up a small amount of stock.
2) Inform us of the materials required.
3) Inform your moulder of your intentions.
4) check condition of your moulds.
5) We take photos upon receipt of tools.
6) We give your tools a check up, and
carry  out any general maintenance for free.
if there are any problems with your tools you will be notified with a recommended course of action.